DAKAR 2018

Only 3 days to start! 

I love this race since I’m a kid. And I always get excited around this time of the year. 

I’ll be keeping an eye on Barreda, Laia Sanz, Lyndon Poskit, Carlos Sainz & Sunderland.

Who’s your favourite ?


I know you didn’t ask for it, but here’s the coverage I’ve found so far.

Lyndon Poskitt’s riding in the unsupported (Malle Moto) class which he came 2nd in last year. This year he’s sorted out a team of people to do decent daily videos of it:


Red Bull do daily updates on how their riders are doing (which includes Sam Sunderland):


And the Dakar organisers do a daily top-10/15 update for each vehicle class:

Episode 1 from Lyndon Poskitt

Episode 2 from Lyndon Poskitt

Some serious mental battles to be had, never mind the terrain… !!

Episode 3

loving this series already and he’s not even put his helmet on!

Start day today!!!

Their instagram feed should be a good source of images/videos https://www.instagram.com/p/BdlJZlullE4/

Live feed on Facebook at the moment

I’ve been watching those vids as well. Gets the hype ready


His poor plums

End of stage 1,
1. S. Sunderland (KTM) 00:20:56
2. A. van Beveren (Yamaha) a 00:00:32
3. P. Quintanilla (Husqvarna) a 00:00:55
6. M. Walkner (KTM) a 00:01:22
9. A. Meo (KTM) a 00:01:48
12. L. Sanz (KTM) a 00:03:15
14. T. Price (KTM) a 00:03:20
21. I. Cervantes (KTM) a 00:04:0

Lyndon is 59th after the special stage, Dakar properly starts tomorrow.

His poor plums
ouch !!
Ouch!! nivag

Not sure Gavin’ll be along with today’s update since there’s only one KTM in the top 3 and Mighty Honda are in first :slight_smile:

1      Joan Barreda  - Honda     
2      Adrien van Beveren   -  Yamaha
3      Matthias Walkner   -  KTM     
4      Sam Sunderland  -   KTM     
5      Pablo Quintanilla   -  Husqvarna
6      Xavier de Soultrait  -   Yamaha     
7      Kevin Benavides  -   Honda     
8      Franco Caimi   -  Yamaha     
9      Michael Metge  -   Honda     
10      Toby Price   -  KTM    

Lol, more I was knackered from pretending to be a Dakar racer yesterday :slight_smile: