Dainese : Say Good-bye to Made in Italy

Dainese are shutting down their factory in Molvena and are moving production to Tunisia.The entire production lineis moving there and only a hundred of their top of the line leathers, ** mainly for professional riders,** (such as Vale, Jorge,Biaggi) will continue to be made in Italy

Molvena will continue to be the heart of Dainese but will only keep the R&D departments.

Source : motociclismo.it

Apparently Alpinestars did some similar the other year with their production. All made in Thailand or the Philippines now.

i guess its cheaper to produce them there than in Italy?

What Dainese are now doing is they are cutting all the materials etc in Italy and they are sending them to tunisia to be assembled in one of their factories out there. Makes things much cheaper otherwise it might start to get a bit silly money wise :stuck_out_tongue:
As far as im aware the made to measures will continue to be made in Italy

I found that Alpinestars quality went down hill when they moved,

I found Alpinestar quality dipped too but mainly with the leathers. I didnt notice much with the textiles.

Its a shame this is happening but if the quality is the same and the price lower then I dont have too much of a problem with it. Its when standards drop. These things are meant for saving lives after all…