Dainese Horizon

I have just seen this jacket on Dainese’s official website and it looks amazing. Does anyone know a store in London selling Dainese at reasonable prices(on its website it costs around 254 GBP) so that I can go and try it? Does anyone here have this model? If yes, how do you like it?


What jacket?

Hi, I’m talking about the Dainese Horizon jacket. I wrote it on the title of the thread, sorry:)

No worries, I thought you had posted a pic up and it wasn’t showing :slight_smile:

Online here : http://www.bikestop.co.uk/clothing/mens/mens-leather-jackets/dainese-horizon-textile-jacket.html/

Many thanks. Too bad however that I cannot try it on first:pinch:

They not that far outa London mate

And very nice people at that…

I don’t have my bike in the UK so getting there is a bit of a hassle.
I’m happy that they have a good reputation though and I will give them a call :slight_smile:

I am a long time Dainese customer so it seems that I won’t have a problem picking up the correct size…hopefully!!!

Sondel sport are a big Dainese dealer at Highbury and Islington tube.

Big Dainese collection.

Train from KX to Stevenage (25 mins) and you can walk to Bike Stop in 10-15 mins or taxi in 3 mins.

I can try the jacket at Sondel(I’ve been there before) , but from what I remember they used to have much higher prices than anyone else. If that is still the case, then I can order it from the Bike Stop I suppose. Many thanks everyone !!!:slight_smile: