Dainese Goretex D-Air Jacket Firmware Update

Mumsnet :rofl: :rofl:

@Jay at least you get to sleep next to your bike :joy:

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And you allowed him to put his jacket on the table. All I am saying is your counter is now filled of post ride jacket bugs. :nauseated_face:

It actually hasn’t been used yet! And in my defence I was working in the study at the time, so no knowledge :wink:

I have actually been a VERY accommodating wife through a very long garage renovation project… if Jay had taken the photo the other way around, you’d see much of our garage crap in the house :confounded::tired_face:


I can sympathise as my wife was the same. I think I broke her after a few years :joy:

On the plus side, I’m a bit tidier…:slight_smile: