Dainese discounts for International Female Ride Day

I wouldn’t ordinarily promote brands but I did not know it was International Female Ride Day (IRFD) coming up and it’s something we should probably make more noise about, so here’s Dainese’s contribution that maybe some of our female members would be interested in…


15% discount on the women’s collection

Celebrate International Female Ride Day with Dainese. Get a reduction of 15% OFF on all women’s motorbike products. From today until August 23rd use the discount code


in your shopping cart and enjoy our gift designed for female riders!

*Applicable on all Women’s motorbike products, excluding already discounted products and Smart Jacket.

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I got a new set of Dainese leathers last month. I’m going to have to work really hard to justify buying even more Dainese gear this month. But I’m sure that if I put a bit of effort into it, i can do it!

Thanks for headsup @Jay

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Does anyone else think ride as you are sounds Lady Godiva, how does that fit with a clothing company?

They’re Italian. It probably sounds better in an Italian phrase :slight_smile:

I mean i am happy to watch that, but being as risk adverse as i am… it does seem a little silly