Daily Mail

Anybody else see the bollock that the DM royally dropped today? Go online and check out the story about David Beckham and his gay lover, Tom Cruise. Clue, some nonsense about having matching bikes. A big hug for the first correct answer!

if you google it, you’ll see that 100 other news providers have made the same mistake. It seems these writers don’t know the difference between a £45k desmo and a sub £20k 1198/1098/848

nice chicken strips on the front

and is that an arai for car racing?

I’d rather see Orlando Bloom on his bike :wink: :smiley:

why is david wearing rubber gloves?

given the clothes he’s wearing makes you wonder why’s he bothering with gloves then in the first place…

He moonlights at the local GUM clinic…

nice bike tho

The most amusing bit is that a simple spot the difference compy from the Cruise photo, which clearly says ‘desmo’ should have highlighted to the editor that the bikes were not the same, and ergo one was not a desmo (clue - the one that doesn’t say ‘desmo’)…

just have to read the live magazine on sunday to know they’ve got crap researchers