Daelim Roadwin 125

Hi, has anybody had an experience with Daelim Roadwin 125, im getting my first bike, currently looking at this bike since there’s an attractive deal somewhere on the internet plus the reviews on the net are quite positive… but rarely heard of ppl using the bike. In dire need of help :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks everyone :3

Never heard of them,

I’d stick with something a little more popular

How much are you looking to spend?

I would prefer a secondhand Honda CG 125 to a brand new Dealim .

i’m looking for something below 1000… would be my first bike so something reliable n bulletproof maybe. i just missed a cg 125 a few hours ago :frowning:

I promise you that road win will not be bullet proof and it’ll be nothing but hassle!

Most people (when I say most I mean me) will not stop and help if you own something like that and you’ve broken down… Purely because its crap! It’s designed to breakdown

Like numnum said, look for a cg125
Don’t worry about mileage they last forever!

avoid chinese bikes

get as mentioned

cg125 - Honda naked bike=


varadero xl125 - honda faired bike=

cbf125 - honda faired bike=

ybr 125 - yamaha naked bike=

yzf r125 - yamaha faired bike=

dr125 - suzuki naked dirt bike=

duke 125 - KTM naked bike

Edit, pics attached

I heard all of those Chinese bikes use honda engines, so that part might be okay - but the rest of the bike is made out of cheese.