Da Ride home

As most of you know I LOVE riding the police also love pulling me over (monkeys)

So today a friend decided to buy a new TV problem being we both have bikes (R1 - GSXR) so how were we going to get this TV home with out being stopped Again

Some string, some balls and having a lot of fun we managed to get it to his house with out getting pulled over or braking anymore bones


is that back protector waterproof?

If not, will have to get an xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlarge jacket to go over it!!

It’s not a telly really, it’s a box of pizzas from Domino’s, DA just wanted to ‘feel the heat’ in a different way…

cracking picture!

very cool… well done on not getting pulled though!


lol, good effort mate… You did better than I did this evening…

go on, do tell…

Great pic, if you carry that around all the time you might not get pulled as often?

Yeah Jay do tell what did you and the Gixxer 1000 get up to?