Da boys seem to be having fun!

I think I’m off for dinner with buggus and his mates tomorrow… I say think because I forgot to take a note of his number and I got a text asking to meet up for some scram tomorrow! :slight_smile: I’ll let ya know how there week is going over here at the ManxGP… :slight_smile:

Brilliant, nice one Floyd! Can’t wait to see the photos you’re indubitably going to take!

Spoken to Biggus, he is having a great time subject to conditions. Looking forward to a Ruby tonight with Floyd apparently. Shall wait to see pictures and videos on his return.

Well, sadly the Ruby was a non event on Thursday, but managed to hook up with Floyd yesterday lunchtime in Douglas. Nice to meet you floyd

Had a great time, only marred by the high death toll, 12 i believe

On the way back Martin’s blackbird engine threw a wobbler when he ran over some debris on the motorway and whacked a hole in the sump dumping the oil all over the shop. Poor bloke had only just got it back on the road from being taken off in May. Quite glad it happened then in relative safety rather than when he went past me on the mountain with mine banging the rev limiter in top!!!

Sun is shining so video editing will have to wait for another day

Welcome back Duncan, cant wait to see pics and vid. Catch up soon mate.

Cheers Chuff, here’s some pics, bit random really!!!

Write up to follow, few pics for now

Nice pics!

Feck me - that boxhill salute gets everywhere mate!

Nice to see you branched out into the catering business while you were there!

Be good to hook up soon.

Sorry to hear about the blackbird, at least the truck kept you running.