Da Artist's mashed K4 gixer 600 engine

heres a pic of DA’s K4 600 motor.

number 2 conrod snapped around the big end and punched a hole threw the crank case!!!

game over…

and he was on his way to the ring at the time!! lucky boy as there is oil all over the bike…

you can see the conrod sticking out above the oil filter!!

best thing is it still runs!!!

Fuggin hell! Is that a relatively rare event these days on a modern Jap engine Ad? Was it caused by an inherent weakness (dating back to production/casting) in that particular conrod - or was it to do with something else?

Incredible that it still runs! :w00t:

i cant see the picture:doze:

It still runs! Makes me proud to own one :smiley:

Long live the Gixxer!

yeah still runs on 3, rattles a bit :slight_smile:

untill the motor is totally stripped its hard to say what happend and even then you cant tell for shure.

he went threw a massive puddle on the bike, totally swamped him and another mechanic thought water may have go in and hydro locked that piston.

i cant see it myself, the puddle happend the day before and he rode in 60 miles before it blew.

it would be hard for the water to get in threw the air box, over the inlet stacks and into the chamber.

i think that conrod was just weak or was put together wrong when the engine was built.

does happen

anyway its getting a 750 transplant now :cool:

Sheez :pinch:

Lucky Clint that it wasn’t a total seizure.

You might be getting an R1 block to look at sometime too Adz.

So every cloud and all that… :wink: :smiley:

we had a van engine hydrolocked some years back, still ran but with bent conrods! got it on the insurance! as accidental damage, might be worth a call?

im going to take it out so he can keep it as a momento!!

i just hope he doesnt do that to the 750 motor im putting in…

OOPS!!! That con rod is supposed to be attached to the crankshaft :w00t::w00t::w00t: how the hell did that happen???

Just push it back in and nobody will notice.:wink:

as Jp says push it back in and araldite the cases flog on fleabay :smiley:

a few more pics…

big hole!!!

im letting my son do most of the prep work on the artists bike :smiley:

Blimey Clint!:w00t:

I bet that made you jump:crazy:

I’ve not seen a gixxer give way like that before, not a blue n white one anyway;)

How far had you got to the ring?

I’m sure Adz Jnr. will have it ship shape in no time:D

What scares me about this is that I ride and SVThou and due to the V-twin configuration one of the pistons is positioned right under the seat!
I think my reproductive potential might be compromised if some red hot engine shrapnel came up through this particular area!!! :crying:

**** the bed!!

i cant see the water getting in there either!!

hope the transplant goes smoothly adz:)

wounder clint, know how much you wanted it in the ring :smiley:

maybe he should take it to the ring like this!!

man theres nothing like changing a motor on the pavment…

you get some funny looks!!

Like this ? :stuck_out_tongue: