Da Artists Avatar!

Take note everyone he is betraying the way of the GSXR but having a kwaka in his avatar! Has he seen the light at last

He he!

I wonder…

You guys are nuts shouldn’t you all be doing some kind of work?

Im a bike lover I like all bikes I just know that gixxers are the best and so I own the best Terry I nearly brought a Kwak 636 once and look one of my past avatars had a Yamaha in it.



mmmmm not sure you do own the best I do beleive we have a traitor to the gixer club here The evidence is stacked against you my friend!

Whats work?

Work is a short break between tea and food…

Nothing wrong with a Kwak “D”…if I do say so meself !!

Im not in the gixer club those guys that only like gixers are stupid, not as stupid as guys who waste there hard earned cash on Kwak’s & Yamaha’s but there stupid all the same

P.S If your a guy with a SV650 Shame on you

So when you gonna post up pics of u on Cezars old steed?

Well I reckon you should sell ya gixer and get a ZX6 instead Much better! Although I have to say I was tempted to swap mine for a gorgeous K4 750 I saw not so long ago!

Very Soon Mate !!

Great timing weather wise though eh !!

“anyone fancy a trip to France in Scuba suits” ?

Let me know how it compares to the R6 I always fancied the model of R6 you had and would be interested to see how the ZX6 compares.

Swap my bike I said I like the 636 but im not insane, a 636 woul be going backwards in life.

Ride one before you say that mate trust me

what DA really wants is an SV, ive got apicture of him trying one out, he’s always moaning about people who have them, i think hes jelous

so deep in the SV closet he’s finding xmas presents

Post that pic…

Post it here and on any other forum he’s on…

Come on DA admit it you’re just Kwakers!

I reckon an SV would suit DA very stylish for you mate

SV650’s are for girls and Reaps pic is a very, very good photoshop job

And you right Macp I love Kwakers but a Gixxer is just better even on its worse day

Bloody Gixxer lovers

Nice chassis, but I’d rather have paint that stays on a bike

It’s all about R-Powwwwwwwwwwah.

Just wish Yam would do the R7 again.

I have to say until the k4 came out Suzuki build quality was seriously bad!

It certainly would seeing as the 07 Kwak is 599cc not 636.