Da Artist

Some of you may have noticed that Da Artist has not been online in a while…

he was involved in a hit and run where a car hit the back of his bike…

He broke his ankle in four places, whilst the car involved drove off. He then crawled to his bike to see if she was ok, (she is a bit broken)

he has to have an operation on his ankle this week, hopefully should be out of hospital not long after that, and back on the road in 12 weeks.

so Da Artist


this boy has no luck, chin up dude

Oh NO!

Get fixed soon man!

Get well soon mate - what hospital?

Good God!

Is there anywhere we’re safe these days? Gutted for ya mate n hope ya get sorted real quick. I hope they catch the bstrd sob n torture him/her.

You’ve had a run of bad luck lately, with some c**ts trying to steal ya babe from you aswell. Hope the run of luck turns to good asap for ya.

Anything I can do let me know. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Good Heavens!

Hope you are alright mate.

Get well soon and for chrissakes be extra careful. A lot of [email protected] up people out there

Did this happen around your area again??

I hope you have told the police so they can seize any available CCTV asap

Da Artist, not met you mate, but mend soon …


This fella needs a change of fortune and soon!

Really sorry to hear about this, wishing you well D.A and a speedy recov mate.

Glad he’s still here to tell the tale.

It seems to be getting increasingly difficult to avoid crossing paths with scum-shite these days.

Better luck for the future matey

Met him at the Cubana a couple of weeks ago - really nice guy who’s had some really bad luck. Hope you mend soon DA, and that you get your baby back on the road.

Get well soon mate! Sorry to hear that

Agghhh thats crap news!!!

Sorry to hear this hun, hope something can get done about it, theres has to be witnesses surely???

Mend soon dood XXX

Can we get together and offer any suport to him kim?

visit, some chocys stack of bike mags/other mags…

Dam man D.A needs to luck…

I don’t believe it, the guy has rotten luck, jesus. Bad luck DA, all the best with a quick recovery! Hope the bike’s not too bad. Let us know what you need, you never know, the community might be able to help…

What is it with people driving off?! Hope he was caught on CCTV!

I’m free all week if he needs a hospital visit

Can’t remember if I’ve met him or not, but I know only too well what a visit or two means when in hospital, so if he want’s it, Ill make the effort.

Let us know Kim.

Cheers Mark.

Hadn’t he only just recovered from the bike-jack?

Get better soon fella.

hey man… get well soon! (both you and the bike!)

What a nightmare … Best wishes for a quick and speedy recovery mate.

Oh no mate your luck. Sorry to hear the news heal soon fella!

Really sorry to hear that

Wishing you a speedy recovery