I can’t comment, since I’m laughing too hard. They look like a bunch of 8 year olds


OMG I would never have expected that…

in defence of the fairer sex, the men had a hard time too.


The course looks more suited for trials bikes than crossers :w00t:

wheres bikergirl to kick some ass :cool:

LOL - that poor girl falling into the water just as the winner crossed the line :slight_smile:

That made me giggle :stuck_out_tongue:

That race track looks like it’s been designed in Hell though!! :pinch:


It looks really bad on the women in the first video

AND THEN you see the men’s video and you realise the course was designed to entertain us, not be a good circuit for a race. You don’t really get a sense of how severe the obstacles are until you see the men’s video.


hmmmm wonder how those ladies were sold on that one and how much of the course they saw beforehand…

Good stuff, they gave it a go, I did laugh tho:hehe: