its fucking awesome can swear on here again and not be ***** just need the adult section back now :smiley:

Ha! Love it!


A little more appropriate may be

Or the Alphabet (Google off shoot) song

so Big D, does this mean you’ll actually be a contributing member on here from now on rather than just turn up once a month to sell a bike?

Mian, fuck off. thats really not needed.

^^^^Subtle as always!!

well there seems to be a lack of members so maybe i will to get the numbers up ay :wink:
and didlt know i sold a bike a month is news to me infact the last time i sold a bike personally on here was in July in 2014 more then a month ago silly bollox
calm your tits Mian or i choke you with my ball sack while lightly stroking your head and calling you a pretty girl :slight_smile:

Well this feels like old LB again, just need a gazebo scandal and we’ll be sorted :smiley:

Dan the shighthead that ordered the wrong oilcooler for my Daytona, feck off and die yer fat bastard.
You OK, wanker?

You cock juggling thunder cunt I Wasent the prick that fucked up the mother fucking order was a old beast of a man who chose the cooler sent me link and I purchased and I am good thanks how the devil are you :smiley:

Not what I heard, bat wanker. Scorch said you ordered the wrong part as expected.
What a a twat you are, can`t believe you are still in business.
Hope you’re having a lovely life despite yer lack of efficiency.
Much love Chris and Julie.

Well that knob jockey informed you wrong
I have always been a twat and always will be :sunglasses:
And I know right sometimes I amaze even myself
And hope all good your end too hope to see you guys soon can see the expansion of the empire and have a cuppa
All my heart Dan xxx


This thread makes me happy.

happy in your pants? :wink:

I don’t know how you Fucking Bastards are getting away with this When I got told off for using the Cunt word.