D.V.L.A. Wimbledon

Spent all day getting mot and tax, mot was fine but as i had no renewal notice and only a year old ‘new owner’ part of the log book the post office wouldnt issue a tax disc.
So had to go to DVLA wimbledon where i waited in the ticketed queue for 40 mins . when my turn came i was seen by gorgeous lovely alexis , a slim dusky slightly sultry Mediterranean beauty :Wow:. She smiled, we shared a joke,she fingered through my documents, but alas i had only brought my insurance schedule, not the certificate, bo**ocks …

It was my own fault ,there was nothing she could do,tho she did try,so i had to go back home to collect the correct item.
She did tell me however to jump the queue and go back to her.
when i returned she spotted me in the waiting area ,waved and smiled while serving someone else and beckoned me over when she was ready, she seemed genuinely happy when she seen i now had the correct paperwork [she whispered ‘yay’ and smiled even more].

Ok it had taken a while, but i was gettin lots of customer satisfaction:)
So why didnt i leave my number ?..well she was so close to perfection i would only be destined to disappoint her… sigh…:rolleyes::blush::wink:

c’mon man!
you know the name, you know the address, use interflora and surprise her with a bunch of roses, your name and your number included :smiley:

i think is for the adult section, surely? :w00t:

Don’t be like that! Don’t let yourself stop you!

Yea, do the flowers!

You know LB will be expecting a progress report!

What you got to lose Zeph?

You know you want to :wink:

Ah Zeph you old romantic :smiley: Were the butterflies jumping around in your stomach, huh… Go on be brave, send her some flowers with your phone number on them :wink:

And girls, don’t rib your dad for being a soppy old bugger :slight_smile:

What are you lot like ? are you all on commission from interflora ?:stuck_out_tongue:
and yea ange ,i can’t believe the girls havn’t joined in yet but they will have a slightly different view-point .:unsure:
Well watch this space :cool::cool::cool:

im with the rest of them. youll never know unless you ask! :slight_smile:

Go for it!

yeh like dad would send someone a bunch of flowers :stuck_out_tongue:
its not even valentines!

your chance is 50/50 if you try, but 0 if you dont :wink:

Whilst we all know & miss him, the girl at the DVLA might be a bit hard pushed to remember Zeph after 7 months, so might be a waste of roses:)

:laugh: The last few days on LB have been like watching an episode of Time Team, with forum archaeologists digging up and resurrecting ancient threads like this one.