D-Day Charity Ride out - Le Touquet, France - June 12+13th

Hello All,

I hate to deviate any attention from LB’s chosen charity LAA, but I seen this and it made me think… Its great that LAA saves lives, but this charity gets people back to living an independent life post accident.

They say that TWO motorcyclists suffer spinal injury per week. This is where they turn to for the best rehab the country has to offer.

There are lots of ride out organised for difference class of bikes, and for £55 for eurotunnel crossing inc donation its got to be worth a look.

If you’re not able to make the ride out, please take a look at the work these guys do and if you can spare a donation, all the better.

More info at **http://www.aspire.org.uk/bikers **

I personally am looking to the sports bikes group, but scenic routes available for the ‘slow’ bikes and those who haven’t done the tour of Northern France already.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Love you all

GoF aka Steve

P.S - I’m not organising it, so it should be a good one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aspire do great work and our very own LB member Little Miss T has been affected with a spinal injury recently so the more support this can get the better.

If I wasn’t living thousand’s of miles away I would definitely be up for this.

Have just signed up for this - it’s a great cause (Spinal Injury Research) and Le Touquet is a nice place to spend a weekend. I notice from previous posts that a couple of years ago loads of LBers went on this, so hope there’s plenty of support this year too. :slight_smile:

Hannibal and I will be signing up for this. Just need to decide where to stay… Red Fox hotel is looking good - underground secure parking and 30 rooms allocated for the event.

Most people are staying at the Red Fox. The ride organisers at GBRiders have linked up with a travel agent to book hotels if you want to use them. there is a booking form with a list of recommended hotels on the GB Riders site here:


Or of course you can just book any hotel you like yourself.


Thank you. Booking now.

Hi Hanna - also booked the Red Fox. Which group did you guys book to ride with? We went for the Scenic Route as it’ll be our first time riding in France and we thought we’d like to actually see some scenery rather than just bombing past it with the Sportsbike progressive group.

We were going to sign up for the scenic ride, but have now signed up for the sports ride - I now need to get some good miles in beforehand to rebuild my confidence!