Cylinder Capacity

does anybody know why my log book and the road tax form for my bike both say that the cylinder capacity is 849, also is that the same as cubic capacity?


are you on an sv650? i think it might be a typo - not the first time :wink: cylinder capacity and cubic capacity are the same thing - the correct term is cubic capacity and its the capacity of your cylinder/s :wink:

it normally is taken to refer to Cubic Centimetres, which in engines is a measurement of the “swept volume” of the cylinder, ie the bit that is traversed by the piston on its way to and fro from the bang :stuck_out_tongue:

cool - glad your question is answered, SV :slight_smile: I think from memory the actual cc is 645 and the tax will only be the same because of what the logbook says (incorrectly)…

True, until some point in the future when the tax categories get changed and it could be a hell of a job getting the the logbook corrected because DVLA’s view is that they don’t need to prove anything and if something is wrong it is your job (and expense) to put things right. If the bike is newish, I would think about going back to the dealer who originally registered it to get it sorted out as they should be able to access the original conformity documentation etc. The longer you leave it the harder it will be to sort it out should you ever need it to be accurate.

Try and get it changed ASAP as a friend of mine had two identical RX7s one was listed as a 1.3, the other a 2.6. They wouldn’t change the 2.6 down to a 1.3 as it changed the taxation class (but no doubt wouldn’t have minded moving the other one up!).