Cyclists in London

The one thing that continues to amaze me about London’s cyclist population is how they seem to think that it’s ok to change their position on the road without any regard or comprehension of other traffic.

Bus Stops, no problem, swerve in to the carriage way… no lifesaver, no interest in anyone else…

I do hate it when a cyclist pulls up on my left at the traffic lights where I (a motorcyclist) am positioned to the left, indicating left, there is no green box at them traffic lights but they still squeeze themselves into the gap between me and the curb, even if they want to go straight. Then I have no other choice apart from wiping them out than to wait til they pick up speed and get the **** outta my way so that i can turn left. that is out of order. They just cause congestion and more pollution wherever possible.:w00t::crazy:

What is it with some people, you’d think they haven’t
read the Highway Code!

Specifically the latest version which has…

More emphasis on courtesy, attitude, awareness, and consideration of other road users, particularly those more vulnerable users.


+1 for above.I’m astounded almost every day on my ± 20 mile roundtrip commute by aggressive/inconsiderate motorcylcists (let’s not even mention city boy or ‘Italian looking’ scooter riders) who clearly view cyclists as a nuisance and treat them as such. The real medicine for those motorcyclists is to put on some flimsy clothes and try and cycle to work and back for a couple of weeks.They would quickly realise that at traffic lights they are safer if in front of traffic and move quickly to get out the way - often before the light turns green. Cyclists really are vulnerable and very often represent one less cage on the road. I say give them more respect.somewhat related - and not sure anyone agrees but another thing that amuses me is just how little time the fast agressive boy racers actually shave off their london commute. they think they’re making quick progress but often riding like a burke with little consideration for others might save a couple of minutes if that… but it increases your chances of getting wiped out exponentially.problem is you might wipe out a ped or a couple of cyclists at the same time and the result will not be pretty. If you’re on a motorbike and have to go in the green box at least try stick to the right side and leave the left cyclists.

well, having been cycling to work and back (30 miles a day) for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been both pleased and angered at the attitude of a lot of the traffic each day.

Car drivers seem to be much more aware of cyclists and do give a lot of room. Bus drivers are ok, taxis (proper ones) are excellent as long as you establish eye contact.

The most dangerous bunch by far are scooter riders, who often challenge for position on the road and in the ‘box’ and pass extremely close. I’ve taken a few numbers and I’m sure I’ll catch up with them when I’m back on my KTM. Show them what true close passing is…

BTW, very pleased with the positive comments here. Added to all the danger element of cycling is the wind - you really notice a couple of mph extra to overcome.

Yep! Bloody annoying. Several years ago I had someone hoon down the road and leap their bike up on the pavement in front of me just clipping my leg. I gave the chap a bit of a tug on his rucksack and to my surprise and satisfaction he fell off!!! He didn’t say a word.

Simples! Food chain in effect here methinks, and you see them pick on the ones below

artic lorry
white van
black/mini cabbie
joggers/electric chairs with crazy old folk in em

There’s a couple more, but i dont know where to put them :unsure: and that is

bus (does size matter?)
skateboarders/roller bladers
zimmer frames

You forgot Segways… :w00t:

those damm things i was knocked flying by 1 last year. was hurt enough to see the doc and have to have physio for 10 weeks. and still get pain in my sholder blade area. and the old ***** had the cheek to say I WAS IN THE WRONG !!! i reported hjim to the police. and he was given a formal caution. only reason they could do something about it, was because he had converted it to carry a passenger. man is still driving it around. oh and i wasnt the first he had hit.
they should have to take a test to drive 1.
bloody pain…