Cyclists in London

I’m getting fed up to the back teeth of damn cyclist who think that they own the bloody world!

Riding up the pavement behind you ring their bloody bell, you should be on the road and preferable under a truck. The pavement is for walking not for running.

Red lights are for stopping or hookers. They mean STOP! It doesn’t mean that there is a new target that needs running into crossing the road like some frigging tin can alley!

You all moan about how you are vulnerable user of the road, when perhaps you wouldn’t be so vulnerable or present such a danger to other users of the roads and pavements if you display the least amount of common sense, and followed the highway code. Going the wrong way on a one way street is dangerous and stupid, you deserve to become Darwin Award winner. And perhaps you could explain why the traffic reports state that when you have an accident that 60% the time there is nothing else involve!?! Do you have trouble balancing on your bike, perhaps you shouldn’t be on there in the first place. 23% of accidents involve a car, well I’ll give you that cagers are particular bright sometimes. 3% of your accidents involve soon inanimate object by the side of the road, and you hit other cyclists more than motorcyclists.

You moan like you are the constant victims of the transport system. Obviously you have never commuted on London Midland train operating company.

Shut the fugg up and start riding with the brains you were born with, or I’ll start smacking you off your bike with a nice length of 2 by 4 everytime you try and run me down at the pedestrian crossing.

Change the heading to cockroaches

lol I’m not like that but if I see you Kev I’m gonna ride up behind you and ring my bell!!

Hmmmm yet another cyclist bashing post - thats original.

Cos’ all us ‘bikers’ obey the highway code to the letter of the law right. none of us undercut a line of traffic and block up the cycle lane, blowing fumes from our road legal cans, or gamble on an amber, and stick to 30mph in a 30mph zone.

Please change the record :doze:

Not from a motorcyclist point of view. More from a pedestrian, spend a lot of time going from client to client and just get tired of having to dodge cyclists at crossing, having to move out the way on the pavement.

And today has been a particularly bad day of suicylist. :angry:

Plus first thread and post. :slight_smile:

A slight variant on this topic - we all want to get where we are going without hinderance, cyclists motorcyclists pedestrians busses and alike.

I dont care what cyclists do on the whole, keep to the left where possible and if you are goign to hit the middle of the road make sure you look - to be honest the vast majoirty do.

My only whinge is that there are some who elect to pull across the front of bikers at the lights, daft as the biker will always be sifter off the mark, if they stay out of that zone then good luck to them i say.

lol, OK I really should pay more attention, didn’t realise it was a soap box forum, when did that happen?

1, where do you live? I have been riding into london for about 3-4 years and I would say about 1 in 7-8 cyclists look where they are going. having cycled in for about 2-3 months now as well I can safley say that figure is unchanged… the majority do not even do a life saver and complain when they nearly get hit!2, I’m not going to preach as I know I do this sometimes as well, but if a motorbike is in a cycle lane (which I have no problem with at all I will ad) at least leave some room for cycles. they are there to make a cyclists life a little easier/safer all I want is a little room, if I have to sit in front of a motorbike to make my position safer then I’m sorry I’m going to do it but only and I will stress only if I have no other option…

Those green zones are there for cyclists so they don’t have to breath in the fumes from the build up of traffic.

Don’t get me started on the cyclists thing again.

As a cyclist and a motorcyclist I would say that strictly speaking motorcycles shouldn’t be in the green box reserved for cyclists, but frequently they are, which is where I observe this behaviour happening most often.I know it’s being trialled in some areas but not yet in London to my knowledge. If motorcycles and scooters are going to take that area reserved for cyclists then inevitably the cyclists will move further forward also, and it’s only because I’ve been known to do it myself that I don’t have a quiet word with those that are doing it on my morning/evening commute.:DHaving said that from a practical point of view I will always sit behind motorbikes etc for the reason stated. PS - Am fed up with being undertaken by scooter riders while cycling! :crazy:

I’m more worried about the kamikaze cyclists who seem to think they can swing across the road any old how. Most cyclists I pass are less of a nob than some motorcyclists who have the incredibly irritating habit of stopping less than one foot apart like they want to mount your bike. Although that’s not as bad as a mobility driver on the pavement who almost knocked me over. The speeds those mobility carts for the disabled reach are really terrifying. The old man looked like he was having a hell of a time sneaking up on pedestrians with the quiet electric motor and frightening the hell out of pedestrians. They deserve an ASBO for that.

I am beginning so see them as a target zone for snipers.

I could probably count on one hand the amount of cylist waiting in green boxes for the lights to go green as most of them jump the bloody lights, if they aren’t gonna use them then I will :smiley:

What drives me crazy is when they are on the inside of you and then as the lights change and you go to pull away they just turn right across you. Its basic highway code stuff, they never look, and its scary, we will always end up balmed if we hit one! They should all have to go sit in a simulator and see it from a driver/bike riders point of view! If we rode like that we would be dead!


oh good god do not get me started on this one, even as a cyclists this gets on my goat…

simple really.

want to go left stay to left
want to go right stay to right
want to go straight assume middle(ish)/left poisition

sometimes i have to take a deep breath, close my helmet, and scream at the top of my ******* voice, not in there direction just at the world for making me go throught a week test to ride a bike which cost £800 for some ******* idiot to nearly kill both of us without using the simplest of common sense!:wink:

Well I have a lot of time for cyclists, no-one can deny that they are far better for the environment, plus they take a much bigger risk than we do with their absence of mirrors, engine, and with their very narrow tyres resulting in their being thrown around as the road surface/camber dictates. They are much less able to look out for themselves than we are, and morally that gives us a duty of care to look out for their safety, by being patient and giving them plenty of space.Many do jump red lights but I’m in favour of that as long as they do it when it’s clear and no-one’s at risk. That clears the way for us motorcyclists when the lights turn green :cool:

The only thing I object to is, as you say, from a pedestrian’s viewpoint cyclists are a nightmare when they narrowly miss them on crossings and pavements. But how often does that happen? I only ever see that about once or twice a month, not even that.

I like the blonde ones with nice bums :stuck_out_tongue:

Too right. I’m not against cyclists, I’m against stupidity.

As a cyclist, I love the way I can break all the traffic laws and get away with it. But I’m also not stupid and I don’t like getting hurt. Neither do I like being shouted at. So the trick is to take the **** quietly without upsetting anyone or putting yourself in danger. Do that and you’re pretty much invisible to the system.

You ain’t seen me, right?

Back in the real world, there are stupid cyclists and there are dangerously aggressive cyclists, just as there are for car drivers, white van drivers, motorcyclists, bus drivers and everyone else on the roads. But even though it feels like they’re all like that, they really aren’t and it’s mostly in your own head.