Cyclists dress like police to slow drivers

Cyclists in London are buying high-visibility clothing that looks similar to a police uniform to get motorists to give them more space and time.

The luminous yellow bibs have a blue-and-white reflective “hatched” border and are embossed with a message “POLITE notice THINK BIKE”.But the makers admit that the word “POLITE” looks similar to “POLICE”.Nicky Fletcher, managing director of Equisafety, said: “People who buy them are not stupid. They do look very similar. That is why they are buying them. The cyclist is not breaking the law. He is not trying to impersonate a police officer. It’s a trick of the eye but it slows the driver down.” Ms Fletcher came across the design by accident as she created safety jackets for horse riders.She is dyslexic and wrote “polite slow down” rather than “please slow down” as she jotted down ideas on a notepad.Now her firm, based in Wirral, Merseyside, has won a contract to supply bike firm Raleigh with its POLITE range this winter. It sells the bibs online.Word spread among cyclists after reviews in cycling magazines and blogs, including London Cyclist.Equisafety pressed ahead with the design after being assured by Met commander Bob Broadhurst that it was not illegal.Ms Fletcher said: “One cyclist told us it was like a ‘force field’ around him.

fair play

I’ve seen a few of these about - not on cyclists though.

Seem to be pretty popular with horse riders and i’ve seen a couple of bikers with them too.

Met police commander has said its not illegal. I wonder at what point, it would be?

As you say fair enough - won’t affect me.

Mind you over the years a fair few bikers have gone a bit mental - buying ex police bikes - then a white flip helmet - then some blue reflective tape on the panniers - some white and blue chequered tape on the old helmet - then a hi viz jacket…

…the old bill frown on taht sort of thing when it goes too far…:crazy:

probably if they were impersonating a copper, like tripping over kerbs & claiming etc… oh & if it actually said “police” maybe ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone actually slow down for coppers on push bikes though? :S

I know someone who was done for no tax disc on his bike…

…by a copper on a frigging horse!

Considering its only a basic hi viz…

There fetching a good price on eBay.


the best is the PCSO’s on MP3’s and scooter…watch them try and keep up :laugh:

i want to try one of those MP3s as ive seen someone come off one turning a corner. dont ask how but must be fun to ride lol

its pretty annoying at times, came down the M1 a few days ago and the traffic was all backed up, I was sitting in it doing 68 in the outside lane, then at the front a MR i want to be a cop. I have no problem with the police doing it, they are after all fully trained and know what they are doing, but some chump on a 600 fazer, that makes you a nob, not to mention people where then flying off as they got close and saw he was not a policeman. Not sure how much safer that made him.

I do totally get it for horse riders, and some cyclists, but to be honest i see so many jump the lights i think they should start policing each other before worrying about drivers.

MP3s ride pretty much like as any bike. The extra wheel and extra weight just make them more nose heavy than most scooters so more like a regular bike. Manoeuvring is exactly like a bike with normal countersteering etc. They are heavy making the 125s terribly underpowered but the 400s are no slouch. The extra wheel, except when locked by the rider when stationary, won’t stop the bike falling over.

Other cyclists will see the vest just as much as other drivers, might make the red light jumping nobbers think twice.

I reckon they’re a good thing if they make people think twice about their sh!tty driving because they think they’re being watched.

Do cyclists really need to pretend to immitate Police though? Is speeding a real concern with regards their safety? Or is it the fact that most of them get squished up the inside of lorries. Im all in favour for the wellbeing of everyone but feel this goes too far. London roads are inherently dangerous for anyone on two wheels but youve only to drive through somewhere like Islington, (20mph limit throughout) to see how crazy its all becoming.

High viz, yes. Improved road layouts, yes. Immitation police vest, err, likely to get a hand gesture from me.

To irritate them - next time you see one and you’re on foot rush up to them and say…

“Police! come quick someone’s nicked something from my shop and we’re holding him - hurry up!”

Then when he (shamefacedly) he’s not police say in a pissed off voice


As he pedals away shout


That should make em think twice about wearing it again!:smiley:

(ps as Niteowl says - 8 wheeled tippers about to squash them don’t notice it says POLITE on their jacket as they go under the wheels :crazy:)

^ hahaha brilliant! :smiley:

bikers wear them too, there was a post about an undercover/unmarked bike on here few months back…

he obviously was not old bill but had one of these vests on…

yet many were adamant he was old bill…:crazy:

Good luck to them. Their fad will only last a few weeks though and then everyone will go back to normal. Like when you see an ageing Pan covered in fluro, as soon as you realise it’s some clown ipersonating a police officer you overtake.

As long as they are Polite then what’s the problem?