Cyclist vs. ......

Train. This is why they need to learn to stop, brutal lesson.

He deserved that, and so do any cyclists that ignore red lights etc and get wiped out

moron! case and point cyclists think they don’t have to stop!

No helmet either which probably would have helped!! it is likely he survived and he is one luck son of a bitch 3 seconds earlier he would have been cut in half by that train

Anyone going past a barrier at a level crossing is an idiot

He did survive. Polish chap I think, wasn’t intoxicated, some head injuries.

stupid cyclists…

Haha!! Fucking cunt!

My Mum works in the Legal department of the NHS and one of her main duties is going to the Coroners Court for things, She always says the deaths that are the Most horrific are Train Vs Person, and the Drivers of the Trains are always really affected mentally by a Jumper etc, That idiot may not have killed himself but the affect he could have had on the driver and his family had he just been 1 or 2 seconds earlier would be catastrophic, Thats why these idiots on Bycycles need to be tested and laws in place for them to obey, they should have a Licence for riding a Bike!!

Despite his injuries - he’s a V lucky boy…side swipe is preferable to head on. Hopefully lesson learnt!

As kids a few of us use to play around on the train tracks (no lectures please) , playing chicken with trains, one of my good friends wasn’t so lucky one day and his leg go run over by the train and then 5-6 carriages iirc, his leg was saved for a time before being amputated below the knee- we never played on the tracks again .
We were young and stupid and bored, and i have no excuses for such idiotic behaviour.

Clearly the trains fault

That’s what wrong with everyone today. A million years ago we could go where we liked and if we died as a result, say eaten by wild animals or fell into lava pits, we didn’t blame cyclists.

Cyclists can never be blamed for anything
It’s always someone else’s fault

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The guy is an idiot, but I wouldn’t say he “deserved” it.
Sams right, all these suicide jumpers on train tracks and others really effect the poor train drivers who often are left mentally scarred from witnessing the new paint job these idiots give their train.

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