cyclist vs. motorcyclist

in that situation, there is no need to check police records, even if they have accurate records. we have the advantage of holding inquiries afterwards, like hutton inquiry, chicolt inquiry, and the attackers would be cleared of any wrong doings eventually.:stuck_out_tongue:

fair enough we would all like to smash there heads in literally etc but if you do dont be surprised to be banged up yourself, if you just gave em a good kicking you may avoid prison and get more sympathy.

Exactly, the law already allows citizens to act reasonably to protect themselves, their family and their property. The high profile cases of alleged injustice that get into the news are always people doing things like chasing someone down the road with a cricket bat and giving them severe brain damage, or shooting someone in the back as they were leaving. What campaigners seem to want is the right to act unreasonably. The legal test of reasonableness is the man on the Clapham omnibus test. If juries have convicted these people it is because they felt that the ordinary person would not have acted as they did in the circumstances.

thing is though its quite hard to define reasonable force… or as the law people say it ‘stick to what an ordinary man would do’
but to be honest if you attack someone who was mugging you, you’d get done!
but what would the majority do? if they had the chance, they would smack the crap out of the mugger!
so what is reasonable force :S


I stand by my initial statement. If someone enters my property and threatens my family I will use what ever force is needed to give them a right slapping.


So then the real victims (the Hussain’s) should have hit the mutha’phucka harder! Quite why the likes of Munir Hussain and Tony Martin dont make the New Years Honours list is baffling!

Obviously the law as it is of course the way to go. But in instances where the law fails. The cricket bat is good! This could so easily have been a story like that of Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez.:crying:

Break into Castle Sneaky and get court would be a big mistake. Phuck with my family and the authorities will never find the bits…:wink:

Good vid by the way!:smiley:

The law is a bit bizarre in some of these scenarios. I would have thought that the very real risk of getting what’s coming to you was part and parcel of being a burglar.

This clip has been on here before but it illustrates the fact that sooner or later you’ll pick the wrong house.