cyclist vs. motorcyclist

a cyclist vs. 2 motorcyclists

it is on Chinese TV news, a cyclist wielding his bicycle to tackle two escaping robbers on a motorcycle. Obviously this kind of vigilantism is encouraged by Chinese authority and cheered by public. the news reader told the story how the bicycle man threw his bicycle to the 2 robbers after he heard a distress call from a woman whose purse had been snatched. After the fall, two robbers got up and chased the cyclist, then they were caught by a few nearby security guards. CCTV footage shows everything.

it provides a good contrast to what happened in London: a businessman has been jailed for two and a half years for taking on a knife-wielding burglar who held him and his family hostage in their home.

too bad it happened in China. If happened in London, the two failed robber could have claimed a lot of compensation from the cyclist if not put him in jail for a few months for serious bodily harm.:smiley:

Sorry not really a good comparison. The guy and his brother (i think) chased the guy down the street and brained him. He wasn’t defending his family as the criminals had already left.

It was assault, after the fact. If it had happened during the original offence he would have a legal defence.

Kevsta (23/12/2009)

i call it pre-emptive strike, perfectly legitimate by some standard. the guy is a repeated offender with 50 criminal offences. the judge is either stupid or i don’t know what…

They should have apprehended the guy and called the police.
If the guy has already left your property and you chase him down the street then beat him and whack him so hard with a cricket bat across the head it breaks and you cause brain damage then that’s assault.
The judge should have been more severe with the robber but I disagree that you should allow vigilanteism, if people meter out there own form of punishment when they see fit the law becomes pointless…

bbsmonk (23/12/2009)

yeah wot he said m8, actually it was the guy and 3 other blokes went after the guys after it had all had happened and then they battered him around the head with a cricket bat causing brain damage.

LOL had to laugh at that quality video:D

I think the burglar got what he deserved.

I think that’s for a judge to decide.
If we allow people to go around metering out corporal punishment as they themselves see fit we’re taking a step towards anarchy.
They should have called the police. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I think the burglar got what he deserved.

The burglary case is severe, but I think it’s fair to assume most people would want to exact revenge on someone who broke into their house, endagering their family. I know I would. The laws over here on not being able to do anything about home invasion are a joke and I can see why people are very angry about it. Chasing after someone and giving them brain damage is going a little far though of course.

That said, I sure wanted to give brain-damage to the ****s who stole my bikes.

Oh, and great video! Right on the Chinese!

Any one breaking into my house and threatening my family with a knife will get the self same thing whether they are on my property or not. They would not be able to tie their own shoe laces after i am finished with them.

I won’t be drawn into turning this into a thread that will have to be moved to ‘Current Affairs’ lol, suffice to say:

Go cyclist!


Okay, so the guy had 50 previous offenses, but did he put anyone in a vegitative state? If not, then it’s not okay to do it to him.

It’s easy to say, but you might feel differently if it were someone you knew.

… but LOL at the Chinese story :smiley:


the guy had 50 previous offenses, it shows the law is not even effective dealing with petite crimes, let along punishing bigger crimes commited by corrupted bankers and politicians. It could have helped if UK just copied some laws from China, e.g. have some executions of those corrupted politicians, officials and bankers:D

to add to the story, the same burglar has already been arrested again for burglary. However, he was not able to give a plea on medical advice because he has brain damage!! Despite receiving a beating, it clearly has not stopped the guy! The Police let him go.

Whatever happened to two wrongs don’t make a right? Or is that just soemthing we tell our children? :stuck_out_tongue:

No but 50 wrongs gets you a beating.

I actually chased (on a motorbike) three burglars from my mum’s house a couple of years back - turned up at her house on the bike (luckily she was out at the time) to see her car go shooting past me with three scrotes in it.

I chased them on the bike and cut them off in a cul-de-sac - I didn’t go round the corner on the bike because I didn’t want to get rammed - I got of the bike and went after them on foot - when I turned the corner they had abandoned the car and legged it over a barbed wire fence and into a field - but I got my ma’s car back!

I wouldn’t smash someones head in if I had them at my mercy - but if I had encountered them in the house then adrenaline kicks in and the impulse is to fight for your life and inflict maximum damage on the scum.

So when you attack someone are going to do a police records check before you decide how much to hurt them?