Cyclist smashes car's mirror

Hey all,

Just got in the office…

Few minutes back, as I was riding to work, stuck in traffic with no space to move, a cyclist squeezes himself with speed between me and a car.

Result -> Car’s mirror smashed!!! He just took off as nothing has happened.

I have him on camera but he didn’t even turn, so no face and the bike did not have anything distinctive on it.

I think I got the car’s registration as I turned but can’t be sure… haven’t seen the footage yet.

Can’t really do much without his face… or can I?

if you report it, maybe the police can get his face on CCTV

Do you really think they have the resources to do that !

I kinda doubt they will even care!

Maybe they can also retrieve some DNA from the smashed mirror? ;):smiley:

They could run the video through the police computer, workout the persons height and weight then set a auto recognition program scanning all the cctv cameras. The bobbies will catch them toot sweet!!