cyclist loses control


That’ll learn 'im.

how funny is that :D:D:D

Ouch! Stunned!

Amazing coincidence that this freak ‘accident’ happened when there were two guys there with cameras trained on a boring stretch of empty road!..or maybe it was set up:hehe:

That is the funniest thing i have seen in ages.

He was clearly getting a tug from the biker,but then got target fixation on the sign:P


What a twat.

oh my god, i haven’t laughed so hard in ages

Agreed, i reckon he got £250 from youve been framed for that;)

Brilliant !!!:smiley:

i must admit, that made me giggle a little

Classic!! :smiley:

Set up or not it’s still damn funny!! :w00t:

it looks like the cyclist was pulled by the bike before coming off the road