Cyclist Insurance - There is a solution.

To carry over the discussion about number plates on bikes etc etc, and in gear of the threat blowing up into an off topic barney I decided to do a little digging on behalf the the motorbiker and there’s some good stuff for cyclists … Thought I’d turn sleuth to see how hard it is ( or isn’t ) and plus gives me (us) a chance to at least give a mildly balanced and informed opinion.

There is a London Cycling Campaign group that they can join for a max of £32 a year. As well as various discounts in various bike shops and all good club goodies like that they also get £5,000,000 third part liability insurance ! Lots of different member ships :

Membership type

Individual membership £32
Annual membership for individuals 16 or over and in paid employment.
Additional membership £23
Annual membership for people with the same address as an Individual member. Please note, no magazine will be sent to individuals on this membership type.
Concessionary membership £14
Annual membership for full-time students, under 16s, over 60s or those not in paid employment.So great !!! For a little as £14 these people can get valid insurance, up to the value of 5 Mill … I found these guys after calling an insurance company and they said that the best and cheapest way to get this type of insurance is to join the LCC or the BCC . A quick rundown of the insurance was :

Third Party InsuranceIn the event of a collision, third party insurance covers you against claims for damages or injury. All LCC members are automatically covered by free third-party insurance. A summary of the benefits is given below:

All LCC members are automatically covered for up to £5million damage or injury The member pays the first £250 of any claim The scheme covers the UK onlyThis insurance is brokered by Butterworth Spengler Insurance Group. Contact them for information on making a claim on 0151 494 4400.

So when you look at it this way , I can see NO reason why these people aren’t insured. This is only £0.62p a week, baring in mind the £14 fee for kids it’s easily possible for all bikes sold at Christmas to come with this type of coverage. The issue seems to be one of laziness and or information blockage.

Nice one buddy

They could also join the BCF (British Cycling Federation)

or we could just shoot them all. With a bike pump, a bucket of water and some… well use your imagination.

Mr Cashmore !!! You are the worldwide voice of , your supposed to be fair and balanced… I’ve missed the last few Pod casts so did you ever get in a cycling society to have the bike v bike debate ? If not lets do it, i’d love to come along .

did ask but they said no - funnily enough!

OK, I love that (hope I am not walking into something with the ‘use your imagination’ here). When are you starting to produce and market pump? Could have used it last night with three cyclists riding next to each other trying to overtake each other. Doh!!!


Sounds fair and balanced to me…

We have a newbie stick that AJ looks after and Mat now has the Bicycle Pump - well done Mat! more power to your pump!

… it’s all about the pumping arm - nice short bursts.


Though you was taking about Cyclists? Should this not be in the adult section??

you’d have to ask a mod about that :slight_smile:

but how would this work in a liability case - he says you should of seen him - and you say he didn’t look behind him??? without CCTV surely this would be assumed to be you “with the engine - and license to ride” fault???

With cyclists, any solution should be a “Final” one.

same seems to go for bikers right now, just a bunch of anti social , irresponsible road users … nothing like enforcing the stereotype


Just a little gentle ribbing Lee… you make some very good points that we should have a serious debate about - so lets get you in the studio and you can pursuade me why I should like cyclists.


hey behave now i’m not offering to defend cyclists at all , my biggest worry right now is Mr Whitevan man … It’s all about the debate :slight_smile: , nothing ever gets sorted without a dtarting point … insure the gits i say, that way i can claim off them !

But sure, lets get it ooooooooon !

Ooh you are awful - but I do like you!

As a part time cyclist myself I almost signed up with the LCC, not least because of the insurance deal.

I didn’t because they are lobbying to prevent motorbikes from using bus lanes and advanced stop lines.

interesting concidering the police and tfl are pushing to amke it so that motorbikes can use the bus lanes more - because they have proof form test schemes that it is safer

Yes, I wondered if the view is based on a perceived threat rather than actual data.