Cycling insurance

A sign of things to come? Just had an email from lexham that they now offer cycling insurance… I know such policies already existed but I can’t remember a major (?) insurance provider offering one.

Wondering how much this is linked to recent media about incidents involving cyclists and what the uptake will be…

They want to make it mandatory in Spain, along with a bicycle number plate… to be honest, I used to commute by bicycle until I got the motorbike and the thought of causing an accident and ending up in financial ruin or screwing up someone’s life permanently was always on the back of my mind. Perhaps if done properly and affordable it could be a good thing to consider for the everyday cyclist.

I know for experience that a friend had to pay £3000 in costs for causing an accident while on a roundabout, now he’s got an insurance. I’ve heard that in Switzerland (or Austria not sute) it’s mandatory for all the cyclists.

it’s mostly about theft and only works if you lock your bike with a lock on their approved list. bunch of balderdash if you ask me.

British cycling offer free 3rd party liability insurance up to £10 million with their membership package for about £30 a year but it’s only ever going to be taken up by a minority of people for various reasons.
Trying to make it mandatory is going to be incredibly difficult, as would any kind of registration scheme - it’d collapse under the weight of bureaucracy in a matter of days.

I used to live in Switzerland, yes it is mandatory but also fairly cheap, about £15 a year.

Cost of insurance £30 per year

The look on the cabbies face when you tell him your insured,priceless

They stopped the insurance the year before I moved there for study, I heard. That was in 2012. They got rid of it the year before that, I believe. I’ve not seen any updated insurance stickers since then either.