Cycling and wine

I usually try and limit my alcohol consumption to about once (maybe twice) a week these days.However, since I started cycling to work and back (this week) I have started craving a glass of wine as soon as I get in the door. I know it’s not like I’m smoking rocks, getting out the crack pipe, or mainlining class A’s (those teenage days are well and truly gone:D:D) but do you reckon cycling and alcoholism go together?:wink:

Is there a link? Do all cyclists become winos? Should I get back to motorcycling? Or continue cycling and stumble gradually down this George Best path?:smiley:


im not sure about cycling, but i know that wine sets the creative juices flowing - after a bottle last week i came up with 12 good ideas.

I even checked them the next day (incase it was the alcohol) but they were good. the boss liked them, the client liked them, in fact i was one step from geting one built :w00t::w00t:

Cycling drunk is pretty easy. I drink pretty much 4 days out of 7 regardless of what I’m doing :ermm: I’ve had a few weeks recently whereby I’ve drank nothing, but mostly I drink 4 days our of 7. Only around 1-3 pints each night though.

I could well do with a pint tonight :w00t:

I have about 4 pints :w00t: a year if that:D

im actually drinking wine at this very moment, rendering an image, and watching a video tutorial for a new 3d program im learning.

the wine definately helps :smiley:

I’m now drinking wine and watching East Enders, and eating potatoes, peas, ham and cheese - talk about multi tasking :wink: I’ll now try and get creative by thinking up a whole new soap called Carry On LB (or maybe that’s been done before):wink:

I like a glass after cycling. Not every night but after 12 miles on a single speed (24+ a day) when I get in have a shower then get a glass of vino down my neck it hits me a real treat…yum yum!

Not sure if cycling and alcoholism go hand in hand but it is easier to justify a drink after a good cycle…:wink:

Carry on lb, starring Flatout as kenneth williams, and alex as sid james :w00t:

So who will be Barbara Windsor? Oo errr missus, this could be the start of something wonderful:D

My last memories of cycling in London are so bad I’d need to be pizzed to even think about doing that again.