Cycle junctions crack down

This mooring at Oxford Circus, I was approached by a Community Support officer, who is handing out leaflets reminding motorcyclists (specifically) not to stop in cycle boxes, or to use ANY PART of the cycle lane.

I know that’s the law, but still, it did make me question ‘hang on, but this isn’t a cycle box…?’ to which all the cyclists jeered. Dickheads :wink: He then said ‘no, it’s not, you’re fine, but I’m just giving you the leaflet. We are having a bit of a push to ensure it’s safe for cyclists…’

So watch out in those boxes and lanes! f you see a policeman/community support guy anywhere near one, be very very careful.

yep, same at the top of Gower St this morning.

Thanks for the heads up- I am about to head in.

You should have told him to **** off… I would have.

Can they enforce cycle lanes without white lines down them (most of the lanes on my commute)?

I just stay out of them. I don’t like being kerbside when going past vehicles and the stop zones are specifically for bicycles anyhow, so not an issue. Nice to see they are pushing it again and they will also catch red light jumpers as well as part of the push and fine them, so it cuts both ways.


Completely agree, I don’t ride in cycle lanes or stop in the stop boxes (except on my bicycle) - just wondered if there was actually any way of cracking down on cars/motorbikes using the miles of bike lanes with no white lines.

mmmhhh spend loads of money on leaflets…and i still have to see a public safety campaign on tv for cycling safely around london…or are they deliberately trying to kill them all? in this case, job well done. :smiley:

Saw them out round south london this morning as well.

I’m never in cycle\scooter lanes but my heads on a swivel when I approach a cycle box at a red.

I find the safest place to cycle is on the pavements, then again all my cycling is done out in the rurals