Cutting out

Can anybody help me with this please, ive got a k3 gsxr 1000 it used to be fine then a few months ago it started cutting out,usually if i start it and let it stand the revs drop as if the auto choke is coming off but when i ride away as soon as i stop it cuts out .It will start on the button but the tickover is up as if the choke has come back on ,also the bike runs fine but when i pull up it runs for a few mins and then some times cuts out but will start again without any problem,when it first started it was just before the 12000 mile service was due so i had that done but they couldnt find out why it cuts out ,also it ticks over at 1000 rpm is this correct as i think it used to tick over at about 1200 rpm?

thanks Paul

Always hard to say with these things paul, sounds fuel injection related to me, stalling, idle problems etc…

have read on here: