Cutting in on people and the law

Maybe one for TC.

Saw this video on Facebook of someone trying to push in front of a Police van. Seems a silly thing to do but what is the offence?

If you slide up in front of someone on a bike then are you potentially inconveniencing them and could it be deemed inconsiderate driving/riding?!

The difference is the blue van is trying to make a gap that doesn’t exist and this constitutes Careless & Inconsiderate Driving. The blocking of the carriageway is also dangerous, and concerns me more. I doubt the van driver did this by accident and they strike me as the type who would also block anyone in a right hand lane in a merge-in-turn scenario…

Most of the time if you move in front of someone on the bike it’s because you’re going to keep moving, so it’s difficult to inconvenience someone. The only situation that comes to mind where this isn’t true is joining the south bound Blackwall Tunnel slip road from the eastbound East India Dock Road. Here I regularly carve in front of people at the pedestrian crossing only to knowingly be stuck just in front of them because a turning coach is occupying both lanes. Am I being inconsiderate? Perhaps, but the cars provide good protection to me from cars travelling straight on, and as soon as the traffic starts flowing again I know I’m going to be making better progress than the cars. That last point is probably the key difference.

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Very straight forward, blue van driver is guilty of careless driving, in particular driving without reasonable consideration for other road users which is the same sub section as centre lane hogging on the Motorway.

No argument, no debate, banged to rights guilty.

If he wants to avoid points, fine and/or a disqualification and claim he missed the turn (which would prove he is a lying sh1t :wink:), he should have continued to the next junction and taken an alternative route or turned around at the next junction and retraced his route back.


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So know this junction really well and not defending the driver of the blue van but it’s possible he had over taken the bus which would of been a few metres behind the police van as it stops in the most awkward place and the traffic queues upto it. But then they should of waited in front of the bus

He is crossing on the chevrons bang to rights.