Cutting down an end can

I know how to do it but will it effect engine performance?

The exhaust in question is already a ‘straight through’ jobby so I don’t think cutting it down would lead to a loss in back pressure?
Perhaps low revs would be affected…? hmmmm…

The bike has carbs not FI…

Basically, Will make it **** pulling away…It will bog down and be noisey aswell

Yep. Unless you remap. Which you can’t on a carbed bike. So…you’d have to shim the needles and various other black arts.

Well that’s put paid to that idea… Rejetting carbs is a stupidly dark art…

Will leave off the can for now!

If it is purely for cosmetic reasons you can cut down the can … While the end is off fit an aftermarket baffle to give the pressure back and Robert is your fathers brother . something like that but right size etc for your can .

Its like cutting ya nob down mate,

Women like a bit more range these days :cool: