customs charges anyone know?

Hi, im trying to bring over some parts for my bike as i have finally sourced the parts i needed. I am just wondering if anyone has any advice with regard to marking the packaging? is it best to send as a gift? replacement goods? any advice would be much appreciated. thank you

If you have a friend who lives there get them sent to them and then let them forward it on. It can be hit and miss but so far (knock wood) I have never been charged.

i’ve had items posted as returns before and not had any issues.

Get them to say it’s a gift and you wont pay import tax. Write it on the envelope.

Best advice I can offer you is to purchase myself a return ticket (premium economy with Virgin will suffice - US airlines are abysmal), and Id gladly go and pick it up for you. It would be carefully packed and secure in my possession, and I would even drop if off at your house.

What a service huh? :smiley:


lol indeed sounds like a plan :stuck_out_tongue:
yeh a friend will be sending them over still not certain what to write on the package i have been hit by customs when sending as used or a gift previously. return or replacement seems to be a fair bet. its going to be an expensive package n i dont want customs doubling the costs on me as they have done before :frowning:

Generally add 20% to the cost including postage. If you get away with it - bonus

that could be a lot of money!

I had a company send stuff over as a bday gift they labelled it $80 and I paid nothing.
Good luck

As others have said try the gift ploy or, have them mark it as used /second hand parts. But really a lot of it is down to luck, they may have 500 parcels come through and pick out 5 at random, i used to work for royal mail many moons ago, good luck.:slight_smile: