Custom Streetfighter Mask

Predator Streetfighter Mask

Diamond Streetfighter Mask

Thats wicked!!:w00t:

yep that looks neat

very cool design…

Nice more detailed than mine…


This is it !!!
The first one, a little too thick, but the next one will be better.

the spots seen on the surface in the pictures are washed grease (used as release agent).

Nice… very ‘gargoyly’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Any plans for colour combos?

only plans to sell :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good! Hope you’re going to bring the finished results down to Borough Market one Wednesday? :wink:

Hope you didn’t have to sell your nice painting in the end either!

but I wanna sell the painting!
I’m sick of it :))

I thought people would be more interested in what I do (especially the masks) and I would get some commissions…
still waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

nice skills!

i really like that, what sort of price range will you be selling them at?

i’m intrested in one as a wall piece, bit of a predator fan:)

sent you a PM

I-Q I am very interested as am currently going through the process of streetfightering my bike…

check your PM

Do you wanna see something really cool?

Just finished.

original for sure, good luck :slight_smile: looks a bit scary though

i think i am in love :smiley: lol