Custom Seats


I am looking for a firm that makes bespoke seats and custom upholstery. I’ve seen articles/adverts/praise for them on here but can’t find the thread…(should have bookmarked it…DOH )
I do know that they are based just outside Fawkham Green, Kent. I had a run out there on Saturday but had no luck finding them.
If anyone knows who I’m on about I’d be graeful for contact details or directions.

many thanks

nibz :slight_smile:

Did you mean Viking Vynils? sorry dont have a number but a forum search should throw it up, lots of praise for them on here.

Try this

:):slight_smile: Thats the place… thanks guys for the quick response.


if wanna do it for design resons more than comfort - baglux do seat covers… buy it and staple gun it over… mine looks no diff to a custom seat…

Thanks iank, defo worth a look.

I’ve got gel seat + memorty foam but the top covering isn’t what i want.

yep - i just stapled mine on looks mint (i think)… def cant tell its just a covering… bike model specific so fits well.

I got mine from clearence section so only paid £28 for it too! so was chuffed.

heres the clearence link i used:

Hope they have one for yours!

fireblade covers… donno what model you are but it looks like avitar is a blade.

Have used these guys for a recover on two seats:

They are going to be getting another shortly as I changed my bike again recently.

Cannot rate them enough, from quality, to fit, to attention to detail - they go the extra mile to match the colour thread to the bike and the price and service cannot be bettered from the experience thus far.