Custom paint guys

Hi guys I am an Airbrush artist looking for bikers who wana get some outstanding art on their bike!? If you interested please get in touch and I try to get some pictures over to you! thanks!

Welcome to LB! Do you ride a bike yourself? What wheels have you got?

On another note, there is a forum for advertising stuff for sale, but it’s not encouraged to advertise your business (although yours does sound cool). Maybe another way to get your name out there would be to come on a ride-out, or go to Borough Market on a Wednesday evening.

Hi and welcome.
It would be good if you could post up some examples of your work on this thread. It’s something that’s interested me, do you do lids? And what about sprays for repairs?

+1 to above. Examples and prices.

backing that up! examples needed. if you have website - post it here :slight_smile:


I am interested. Can you send me over some pictures?