Custom Helmet Fitting

I’m looking for a helmet, and having trouble finding one that fits properly.

I know that it’s possible to get a tailored helmet fit by swapping the sizes and thickness of padding in some models.

Who offers this service?


If you like Arai, get to a 5 star dealer. Alex at Rex Judd is one (he might have moved out of Rex Judd now but they’ll tell you if you call them).

I think Infinity are also 5 * dealers and possible Metropolis.

That’s Arai covered, if you’re not an arai man, either of those establishments should be able to help you with the brand you chose :slight_smile:

We’re a 5* Arai dealer here at Welling, so re-sizing’s not a problem. This can be done with some other brands as well but it depends what make you’re most comfortable with :smiley:

Come on down and try them on, and seeing as you’re on London Bikers I’m sure we can come to an arrangment on price.

Thanks SheWoolf and Onthebackwheel.

I was in London at the weekend, and dropped in on Metropolis. The assistant that I spoke to seemed good, though they have a strong Arai and Shoei bias.

I’ll drop by Hein Gericke Welling next time I’m over. I like some of the AGV lids, but it depends on what fits my long oval (i.e. Arai) head.

Thanks to Onthebackwheel for sorting me out. I’ve now got a very spangley Arai in a white, metalflake finish. :smiley:

And a big hole in my bank account. :crying:

Anyone know where to get a helmet tested to know if it is still good to protect you? Had mine a few yrs now and would like to know if i need to change.


I got sterling service when I purchased mine from Hein Gericke (admittedly it was the one at Queen’s Street in Edinburgh!) But suffice to say, they fitted a thicker crown and thinner cheek pads to my arai and it fits like a dream! Even showed me how to do the visor change; a bit of time and courtesy towards the customer always works. It was free too :smiley: so that saved me a good 20-30 quid over the price of buying my own cheek pads that would have been hit or miss.

Generally speaking, with polycarbonate helmets, they tend to get degraded by UV light so ought to be replaced on a 3 year basis. Higher end helmets are fibre reinforced and have an epoxy matrix (could be polyester or another thermoset matrix) so strength can be maintained by the fibre. That said, i’ve seen people still knocking about on 8 year old lids; so how much do you value your head? I’m a tart so i swap lids every 2 years or so… and it’s getting progressively expensive - my shoei XR1000 was only 1.5 years old when i switched to my Arai Corsair… so that’sa LOT of money. That said, my pillions have the benefit of having a very good helmet on their head!