Custom Headlight faring for sale.

was me bro’s, bought it but never used it at new, £20.

if you still got it saturday ill av that! for my project:D

yeah no worries m8.

some bloke was spose to have it but no sign of cash etc if nothing by friday i will let ya know and if yer in the area (nr rotherhithe tunnel) come and get it.

ok mate no prob yer i am just at the start off the a20:D

hey dan

cant be arsed to p1ss about waiting for the other bloke, if ya wanna come by fri/sat pick this up and ya can grab the bars too let me know

me postcode is se16 2hy for map purposes.


ah ok then yer i no it well. got the vt fired up today blooming loud!!!:D:D:D

will pm ya me mob number if ya coming by.