Custom Exhaust making? Any recommendations

Hi Chaps,

So I picked up a after market can and also have a spare exhaust system. I am ready to start a custom system for my XJ6.
However I require some help of a mechanic to chop up my stock system (huge cat) and fabricate the after market can I have (which needs to be shortened too) onto the headers.

Has anyone got any contacts?

I would guess you need a good welder / Fabricator

Num Num Springs to mind


Does anyone know a good Place? Someone mentioned JAC in Nottingham.

Just wondering if there is a place closer to London?

Style dynamics in Hayes :slight_smile:
I used them and was happy with the work

Not used them yet, seem to be v busy.

South east near orpingtonish

I came across them on Google. Look good but noticed they do more car work.

Did they provide you with a end can?

They do all types of custom work. they did my decat for me. WHy not just buy an end can and have them fit it?

So how did the new can work out? Be interested to see/hear the results