Custom CB 500 Stolen

Good news that you have your pride and joy back.

One thing, and i have taken this from DVLA website:

European Union vehiclesEU vehicles brought into the UK can be used for six months in any 12-month period. You do not need to register the vehicle in the UK as long as you can show that the vehicle complies with the registration and tax requirements of its home country. It’s the responsibility of the driver to prove how long the vehicle has been in the country. Producing ferry tickets can do this.

If the keeper of the vehicle becomes resident in the UK, the vehicle must be immediately registered and taxed in the UK.

UK residents are not allowed to use a foreign registered vehicle on UK roads. The exception is when a UK resident:

is employed or self-employed in another EU member state uses a EU registered company car temporarily in the UK for business purposesCertain vehicles will be required to display a temporary ‘Q’ plate. Temporary visitor status isn’t appropriate to these vehicles.

So might be time to get it UK registered and get UK insurance, then you can be covered for theft…?

Excellent news.

Nice to hear that sometimes they do get found

There used to be some down the bottom of Townsend Lane by the football club, but they may have been knocked down like all the garages in Kingsbury.

See if there is any space left to rent in the estate opposite you at the back of the dairy.

The only other thing to do is ask your neighbours, I have use of 2 of my neighbours garages for “visitors” for putting their bikes in.

Good news dont forget to post the pictures of your new project.

Just seen this thread, I was very upset for you that your bike had been stolen, but I continued to read and a happy ending

so pleased for you, look after it


very happy indeed! well i hope i will never have to start such a topic ever again…

Brilliant news :smiley: