Custom CB 500 Stolen

last night my bike was stolen right from beneath my window.

I thing they dragged it cause the handlebar was blocked, they must have been at least 3 people and I didn’t hear a thing. …

the bike was custom made, duke front, cbr wheels, matt black paint, romanian plates SM 13 ACE

romanian insurance does’nt cover theft so it’s total loss…

If somebody sees it please give us a call 07405338788 or 07405338783 Alin

Really sorry to hear about this. Very distinctive bike though so hopefully someone might spot it.

+1 did you not chain it or disc lock it,

must of been lifted in to a van.

check with your neighbours they might have seen somthing

I asked the neighbours…nobody seen nothing…
and I placed a few warning notes
I called the police and declared it stolen
I don’t know I can do more…
I’ll just wait

Sorry to here this! Looked like a nice bike! :pinch:

what are the chances to find the bike?

it is a cb 500 from 99…so it is 11 years old…all the parts (all the custom parts) are modified for this bike. so we don’t know what to do…

any chance to find the bike in a scrap yard? or something?

because i thing a profi thief don’t spend the time on a old bike.

so probably are romanian idiots or some…i don’t know.

Offer a small reward on the posters. Drive around the area looking for the bike. Offer the local nobs a reward for finding it. Check ebay, biketrader etc.

Good luck.

We asked the neighbours…again, we “took a walk” in the park and this is the information what we found:

  • first there was a black dude, walking slowly in the neighborhood, checking the windows or for cameras…some people have seen him talking on the phone or pretending, he was in our area for some time after 12 at night.
  • another biker (ex biker) who lives few streets away, told us about a similar black dude and another white dude, short, bald, with a blue ford transit van, tried to steal his R6 3 times. They did the same like Saturday night (when our bike disappeared), the black dude walking through the neighborhood, pretending he is talking to the phone…and later they tried to grab the bike…
  • the guy sold his bike last week…after so many theft attempts.

so we think are the same guys…because the track left on the ground end out on the road, probably they had a van…

the van number plates start with X …thats all we have now.

Make sure any info you gather is passed onto the police using the crime reference number you were given. This should then go onto the crime report, and if it links to any other similar incidents involving poeple of the same description using a blue van in that area, it may well make the odds of catching these scrotes a bit better… :wink:

the bike was found by the police 4 days ago, we just picked it up i’m kinda happy cause it’s not too damaged, just the ignition and the tank, but we already had plans to change the tank so…
happy happy joy joy!!
no fingerprints whatsoever…
my lucky 13 is home now very happy thank god. this bike it’s gonna shine in 2-3 months from now and we will put a gps chip and alarm on it.

i was kinda dizzy when the police called me but i think they said they fount it in Cricklewood ? not far from Kingsbury …i knew somebody must have heard/seen the bike before stealing it. cause it sounds like buell and looks like…alot of things except a cb 500.
i can’t wait to start the restoration. it will be a full restoration-retro style cafe racer - winter project i guess
oh yeah…i forgot. does any of you guys have a garage in kingsbury? i need to put it somewhere…i wanted to take it in, put in my room but our mates argued about that so…it’s a no.
we will move if we have to…but i was hoping to find some place to keep it before moving out. we’ll pay of course.

Chuffed to bits to hear the news. Glad it’s worked out well for you.

Excellent news.

what does “Chuffed to bits” mean?

:smiley: Thats great news, keep it locked up,

Ride safe, stay safe

i need a garage…in the area. Kingsbury…

Firstly, congratulations on getting your p&j back.

“Chuffed to bits” = “over the moon” = “deliriously happy”, although I suspect there’s another meaning connected to ladies bottoms, as in “did you give her one in the bunghole last night?” “yeah, she was chuffed to bits” kind of thing.

Lol … I meant it in a nice way !

Very happy !

Glad to hear you got your bike back . :slight_smile: