custom bmw rr

different …


They have taken a superb piece of beautiful engineering and turned it into junk. WTF have they done to the swing arm??? What a waste of a great bike and money.

Should have a look at the rest of their creations , the extended swing arm seems to be a feature for them.

Why though? I imagine all it does is bugger up the handling, and it looks damn ugly.

Blimey that’s gopping

That’s true, it seems to be their way of gimping-up decent bikes, did you see the white GSXR1000, they’ve extended the swing arm by at least 500mm and no I’m not kidding/exaggerating:sick:


can’t work out why there’s a woman in a swimsuit attached to the thing. Or why she’s got her thumb glued to her pants?

Very American - will probably do well in a drag race but I hate it :sick:

S’true… built for American roads… very long and very straight…

That must turn like a turd!