Curtis's mate on the 675 Triumph Daytona

hi one n all just to say thanks and good to meet you all,hope to catch you in the near future

lol good to seeya at last :smiley:


welcome to the site!:slight_smile:

hi back at ya :slight_smile:

Ah Curtis’ mate, thought I recognised you, welcome to LB:)

yeah cheers B,…thanks for the set up today mate “Diamond Geeeeeza!”

another 675 :smiley: welcome to the club :cool:

lol im pretty sure his is a bit faster than the cub though
and hows ur bike going?

So when can I start delivering "PIZZA"for everyone lol :slight_smile:

lol when u get a cub!!!
nah 50 posts

Yeah 675 of “PURE POWER!” LOL

Are you taking it to the track ?

50!!! oh man this is like super brain stuff pressing keys to make words!! Me better get good,…soon errm ugg LOL

i bet my cub is faster then yours fishface :smiley:

my bike is now sexy red :cool:

Oh yes Dude! It must see the stuff dreams are made of!!! Stick “ashfelt” prob spelt wrong but hey you get my drift right “Arne old chap old bean” LOL

Welcome to LB :cool:

lol so isnt!!!
125 not 90!! :stuck_out_tongue:
and it doesnt have 16 stone on it!

I want to see just how fast we can go on a short track,…n stack it LOL oh no me bike’s broken on the first bend ha ha ha “tears” lol

probably faster than other 600’s :stuck_out_tongue: