Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Running Wild

Nice one.

Have you heard his New World Order album? I used to own it (an ex has it now :crazy: ) but used to love it. Amazing thing is he recorded 7 years after his accident, paralysed from the neck down. He had to record it lying on his back otherwise he couldn’t breathe enough, recording one line at a time then splicing the lines together to make a song.

“Back to Living Again” on that album is a classic (for me, at any rate).

I had wanted to post a video of my other favourite Mayfield song, “(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go”, but couldn’t find a video with good enough sound quality which included that great intro.

To be honest I’ve always been aware of Curtis Mayfield but have never paid him the attention his great talent is due.

I’m currently rectifying that situation hence my enthusiastic post - thanks for the album recommendation - i’ll follow it up. :slight_smile:

was my number:)