Curse my stump legs!

Hi guys, im looking for a sports bike unfortunately as the titles says i got short legs so the seat height is an important factor for me. I got my hopes set for an R6 because i heard the seat is quite low on that bike, is there any other bike that is as low as the R6? Ive looked at cbr600 and zx6 but i can only get 2 toes down on the CBR600, probably be ok if I had more experience, but this is my first bike :).

how about a vfr 400?
or gsxr 400
quite a few about

Have a look at these guys FI International they do lowering kits for most bikes.

Might also find some hints and tips here

yeah just adjust the suspension dude :cool:

Most new bikes from 2006 onwards are quite small fit. If a 5.2 girl can stay and hold my bike up I assume so can you:):slight_smile:

Most have adjustable suspension and foot rests.

I have the same problem.I am 5ft 7 with and ride a 2004 Honda CBR600RR and cannot put both feet flat down.My mate has an 06 R6 and that is the same height as my bike.But all is not lost .There are lowering kits available .I am having one fitted to my bike for £250 all in.

The Suzuki gsxr’s have narrower seats so more chance of getting feet on the ground. Best off to go to a showroom that sells them all and try them.

You know, when I read the title of this I thought someone else had been in a big off, and done it better than me:)

I know it’s not really a sports bike as such but an sv650sport has a low seat, is also very narrow, and they’re great fun. Whilst they haven’t got the outright performance of a sports 6, they are quite quick at low to medium speeds due to it’s v twin configuration, and I always took quite a bit of catching. What’s more I’ll be selling an '08 one with 6k on the clock, and a full service history. I just need to get it rebuilt first:)

I couldn’t reatch down with both feet on the 2001 GSXR, on the 2006-2008 GSXR I can put both feet on the ground just fine, I am only about 5’8 - 5’9.

My first bike I brought of a short lady, Honda hornet!, She had the seat lowered and the suspension slightly lowered.

Can anyone recogmend me a garage to fit the height reducers on for me?

just go to a garage 1st who have the bike you want and see how much they can lower the ride hight by ajdusting the rear shock and forks to suit etc. you’d be suprised how much you can get out of modern suspension without affecting the rideability too much :slight_smile:

The k6 model gsxr 6 are low enough for us shorties…

know what you mean cos i want one of these but cant even tip toe one it:crazy:

can i have them once you’ve finished with them:D

I left them at your house last time I was visiting your girlfriend. :Whistling:

mate you should have sent them to your muma i’d have got them when i was leaving:P


Mate i am the same as you. I ride a GSXR 750 K7 and had to have it dropped a bit. Check out they are a top company and will lower and sort the front out for you.