Curry with a difference

Wednesday 12th August

Guys and Girls this is a curry with a difference

Meeting at BMM from 6pm to leave for a CURRY at 8pm, riding to brick lane

place is to be decided as we wanna haggle a good deal

FBP has found us this secure car park lets hope he finds the right entrance/street this time…lol

o god ya not gonna strip are you… :sick:

nope i wont i didnt when we went for the last curry

i will be up for this.

we need more people to come this time

I’ll be up for another.

I’ll try to make this one:D

I’m in.

I wanna see Ginger get battered by Chensta again :wink:


And then deep fried? Well I’m not having that on the menu. :smiley:

Yes please, I’ll come

I’ll come if there’s a rematch. My money is on Chensta! :wink:

It’s on Ginge!!!


i’ll be up for this work permitting…

A curry with a difference would be a ride to Birminghams ‘Balti Mile’ for one!

Something to consider for the future…

there is a lovely Indian restaurant in Waltham Cross, their food is fantastic…shame it’s in Waltham Cross tho;)

Add me in… i might actually make it thsi time :smiley:

When??? i may just drag Gazza along he eats like a horse!

Well at Brick Lane, he’d probably be eating Horse. :smiley:

it’s on wed 12th August :smiley:

i likes indian food yummmmmmm:D