Curry Club

Hey all.

Not seen any posts for a newish curry club. Not wanting to tread on some toes of the orange kind.

Err…So does Ginge fancy organising, or i can if not.

I fancy many beers, many giggles and lots of curry with some good friends!

Still havent been to one of these, could be in depending on the date :smiley:

Nothing wrong with you organising one mate, it’s not trademarked! :stuck_out_tongue:

Set a time, date and place to meet, and people will come! :wink:

If you build it, they will come. :smiley:

yep i agree there…nothing wrong with you organising a curry night as Nath said theres no trademark …all i will say is its a curry night not a curry club…lol

as you cant be a founder of the curry club meals unless your part of the 5 that started the curry night up …lol

Hey - not sure where you go, but there’s some surprisingly good ones in Hammersmith/Chiswick. Even better with 50% off on a TasteLondon card :wink:

  • Green Chili
  • Indian Zing
  • Shilpa

50% off sounds good:D

It only works out about a tenner each anyway, we go to brick lane… :slight_smile: you tight fudgers :smiley:

Its not being tight, why spend x amount when you can spend half for the same service/end result :smiley: