Current Affairs

I ain’t having one.

Any of you currently having an affair??? :smiley:

I had a very fruity hot cross bun, does that count?

Bianca Beauchamp keeps calling me and turning up at my place - to be honest I’ve had enough. I’m a married man for god sake :D.

At least this section keeps the opinions of lots of people I really don’t wanna hear out of general chat. Cant be a bad thing eh?

Bianca isn’t made of wood…:smiley:

Had a quick fling once, then discovered she was married :w00t:

I’ve been trying to get rid of her all week - but she insists on hanging around, cluttering the place up! :smiley:

MD had a thing going with Dries at cadwell but dont tell Miss MD :wink:

See thats the problem with affairs … someone somewhere will see and accidentally spill the beans. :laugh:

I did:w00t:…not any more:D

Who said it was accidently :wink:

Wana change that? :wink:

We’re having one. :slight_smile:

wanna change wot? that I did have an affair but I ain’t any more?:w00t::smiley:

Wish i could :w00t::hehe:

sorry Asbo, change of plans, can’t bake a cake by then:D

I don’t think Asbo would want the cake darling. Maybe your buns?

Ok if you insist :smiley:

I lost this thread for a second then, who moved it :hehe:

im not sure…:unsure: hmmm…:Whistling:

So if we have a ‘current’ affairs area can we have one for affairs ‘of the heart’ (politely put I think) then all the inane flirtation can be avoided too :smiley:

Oh yes we have one already - it is called the pm system :wink:

Calm down calm down :w00t::hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be a good boy and wont wind anybody up or change peoples posts anymore or flirt with every girl i talk to :smiley: YEAH RITE :slight_smile: