curious..where are you all from?

me…i am from Chicago! The Windy City! :slight_smile: i got tired of our very humid hot annoying summer and bitter cold winter (colder than the Artic Circle that’s for sure and I’ve been there!!) so i moved to Southern California and lived there for 7.5 years. then got bored of the 360 days of sunshine, blue sky, and perfect weather, now (and not sure for how long) i am here in London :stuck_out_tongue: i have yet to experience the depressing dark clouds, gloomy and rainy weather for…how long is it? :slight_smile:

what about you? :slight_smile:

I came from my mummy’s tummy.:smiley:

Lol @ puppy…He’s just jealous cos you said you got sick of wall to wall sunshine…ARE YOU MAD!!!:smiley:
Welcome to L.b and don’t worry that horrible wet stuff will be along just after christmas lol;)

I love Chi town, one of my fave cities.
Welcome to cold and windy London. It goes to cold grey and wet as Wasp said just after Christmas. Summertime we have a day of sun then it turns grey again

Hi and welcome aboad.

soooooo…is everyone from around London area then?

maybe i am Mad :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: but life is too short to stay in one spot for the rest of your life…don’t you think? sadly, most folks from Southern California don’t have a passport nor have ever been out of the country or even the state!

why leave cali for london… weather here sucks!!!lol
soooo cold!!!
(im from east london btw)

welcome to LB and London!!! :smiley:

p.s. are you filipino?

All us non-Brits are just afraid to say out of fear for the right wing part of the London Bikers community. They’ll probably tell you to f-off in a minute, stop taking their jobs and invading their culture. :wink:

Anyway, I’m from sunny Belgium and moved here about 10 years ago.
Welcome to LB!

From sunny South africa me.

I’m from the sunny south coast of England, Portsmouth in Hampshire (hence the sign on name) but moved to London 2 1/2 yrs ago and I love it!

Not had the opportunity to live and work abroad but would gladly give it a go if the right offer came up. :smiley:

I can’t speak for anyone else, but most of my friends come from somewhere other than London. London is built on immigration nowadays, either from elsewhere in the country or from abroad. I’m a born-and-bread Londoner though, originally hailing from Camden.

From deepest darkest Norfolk - a little town called Swaffham :w00t: Born there and lived there the first 10 years of my life. Moved to London in 1991 to become a rock star - that bit of my plan didn’t quite work out :hehe:

I don’t talk to strangers! Mummy says when strange men ask you questions about where you’re from, they’ll offer sweeteners next! :smiley:

South London massive and crew.

Yeh get mi! :smiley:

Oh yeah, welcome :laugh:

Me well all over really. Born in Derby, and have live in Fleetwood upto in Lancashire, Leeds in Yorkshire, Nottingham, Canada for six month travelling, London and now Watford.

I don’t know where I’m from to be honest. I was born here but spent my childhood in the middle east where it was sunny all year and I loved it!! How can you get bored of it?? When I was 16 I moved back to London but then spent my uni days in Scotland and now back to London. I’m confused about where home is as been many places.

Anyways welcome to London. :slight_smile:

I’m originally from Hastings, on the south coast of this mighty island), and lived in West Berkshire for most of my life.Moved to Slough (west of London) a couple of years ago, so not really a London biker and I don’t even like London - it’s too big, too crowded and too bloody expensive.OK for a night on the lash, mind.

Bunch of misfits, all of you. Especially you Kev… oh and Raq, the hobo :hehe::hehe:

Enjoy London’s greyness :w00t:

Better hope I don’t follow you home! :w00t: