Curious about trackdays?

Admins: feel free to move this post, I’ve put it here for those peeps who don’t do trackdays and won’t necessarily look in the track forum.

I spoke to a few people at Cubana last night who would like to have a go but aren’t sure about it for one reason or another (bike might not be appropriate, feeling nervous, don’t think they are quick enough, etc).

Have a look at .

Hopp Rider Training offer an ideal environment for those that feel intimidated by trackdays, by providing events similar to normal trackdays (at Cadwell Park), but with group instruction in the mornings (additional free instruction in the afternoon if you want it) and no track/race bikes allowed (this makes a big difference). All bikes must be 100% roadworthy i.e. road tyres, mirrors, indicators, etc. On the day there will be all sorts of bikes ranging from CB500’s to VFR’s to sportsbikes, so whatever you ride will be fine. The cost is £140 for the day, which I see as an investment in the safety of my road riding, as well as a fun day out. Last time we went, a mate who had less than 2000 miles under his belt came along and he had a great time!

Currently there are 3 of us planning to go on the 15th of August, and we will be staying over in a nearby B&B the night before - we will probably ride up together the night/afternoon before too.


Sounds like a great idea - I missed you as I was there last night, but only stayed a short time - as I had just ridden back from doing a trackday at Snetterton, and was somewhat tired!

My only thought would be that Cadwell may not be the best ‘starter’ circuit, as it’s very technical, narrow, and could be a tad scary ( racing through a forest springs to mind ) for people not used to being on a circuit. Saying that if your alll in the same boat skill wise, should be fine.

Hi mate - I could have been in the kebab shop…

I wouldn’t recommend Cadwell for a first time regular trackday either, but these guys really do emphasise safety and riding within your comfort zone. Some of the guys I was riding with had that oh-sh!t look on their faces at the start of the day, but by the 2nd session everyone couldn’t wait for their next turn.

Sounds interesting fella. I’ve got to check dates but might well up for that.

That does sound good, but there is another site that might interest you more. its @ Donnington Race Track aswell

They provide the bikes, the equipment and tuition + includes insurance for the day! You go on their CBR600RR’s, and it will only be the “newbies” on the track with 1-2 tuition, refreshments, etc. Check it out, i’m going there next month for my b-day! Not to expensive either!


Any day, or course like those mentioned here are brilliant, I would strongly recommend doing something like this if you’ve only ever ridden on the road! Riding on the track is the best experience I’ve had on two wheels personally, everything is right, it’s a great atmosphere, you get to ride how you’ve always wanted to and it’s nice and safe.

having done the Hopp Rider thing too, I should also add that it isn’t some slow arsed tootle round the track, but rather the chance to get into a group according to your ability and build up speed further/perfect your lines without worrying about some idiot T-boning you on a bend, etc.

Definitely worth a try anyway!

Having said all that I would like to invite the LB members to come to Silverstone this monday to see us on track. Actually I won’t be riding but in the garages taken photos and chatting to others. You can come along and for yourself how it is done!

I cant add much more to whats been said but agree.
Trackdays can be intimidating so this would be a great confidence builder and specfic attention is given to you to make you make you feel safe and make it clear what you should be doing rather than let loose to learn by trial and error.
I too will be at Silverstone on Monday but not instructing on track but generally helping out offtrack. Ill be happy to show any LBers around.

I would like to come and watch - does it cost anything?

Not sure if you are refering to Cadwell or Silverstone, but normally they don’t have any problem with spectators/friends/family/pitcrew being there. In fact we’ll need someone to wipe clean our visors between sessions Why don’t you come along and give it a go?

Free to spectate and access to all areas.